Monday, September 25, 2006

Bash Highlights

DJ Vudu, drunken hippy, DJ ScubaSteve

It's going to be practically impossible to describe what occurred this weekend. Mostly because there are huge chunks that just aren't there. Untold numbers of Soco were consumed along with kegs and kegs of beer. Sitting at the bar Sunday afternoon (yeah, hungover as a mofo, I still hit the bar for noon football although I didn't last past the second game) I was forced to recall my eating habits over the last 48 hours.

Friday - for the entire day, all I had to eat was half of a French Dip sandwich. Nothing else. Started at the bar around 3pm, finished up at the hotel sometime in the wee hours of the morning after playing poker.

Saturday - one buffalo wing. Not one ORDER of buffalo wings. One SOLITARY wing. That was it. As I was walking past the table I grabbed one. That was around 3:30pm. I was at the bar from noon until 4am. Probably should have been dead at that point. 16 solid hours of drinking, one friggin' buffalo wing.


- Friday night Gavin turned to me and said something along the lines that I am some kind of drinking maniac. That was before Brandon, Falstaff, and I finished off the half gallon of soco.

- Gavin also said that BigMike might be one of the coolest guys he's ever met. Anyone who knows BigMike would agree.

- I was well on my way to a final table appearance in the Friday night blogger tourney until Gavin busted out. He then bought my stack which I promptly lemured away at the mix game. Damned pot limit bullshit.

- "I'm mostly drunk, mostly colorblind, and don't know what color chips are what denominations. I'm just going to fold or pot it for the rest of the time. That ok?" - Drunken lemur PLO8 anti-specialist. That's me if you're wondering.

- The shuttle between the hotels and bar ruled. I hope a couple people tipped poor Ryan because he earned his money. I'm starting to hear some stories about "fireman carries" and "who's that passed out in the van?".

- I lost the first prop bet on Friday afternoon to JoeSpeaker when I incorrectly bet that Seattle was longer distance to Philly than Los Angeles. According the AndyBoathouse, LA is 15 miles further than Seattle. Had a chosen Speaker's exact airport location, Ontario, CA, I would have won.

- CJ aka Luckbox won the charity tournament going head's up against Falstaff. Jim from Riverchasers did a great job dealing and getting us a bunch of swag to give way. That's including the poker chips and full table we were playing on.

- After the charity tourney, Gavin challenged anyone to play head's up, $100, for charity. Veneno has another head's up scalp when she took him down during the last match.

- I temporarily flagged myself at 8pm. Realized I hadn't eaten and still had another 6 to 8 hours of solid drinking. That lasted about 15 minutes before Brandon wanted to do a shot. That's why I only flagged myself at one bar. That left me the option of still drinking at the other way. SMRT

- My officemate Lou won the beer pong tourney by taking down Brandon and BadBlood.

- I think it was a unanimous decision amongst the bloggers. TripJax won this year's Drunken Lewey Award taking it away from last year's winner, F-Train. Two straight nights. Impressive.

- The sorority girls showed up with the posse. 10 minutes they were running out of there like the scared little school girls they were. Oh well.

- Things start to get a little bit fuzzy around the edges. Boobs were flying around all over the place. That reminds me that I neglected to mention that within 5 minutes of busting out the Mardi Gras beads, AuntieMaudie and Gracie had already "earned" their pair with a pair.

- So far I have received three emails from friends pleading with me to avoid having any bloggers post their topless pictures. So I'm pleading to the bloggers with cameras, if you have any such pictures, send them to me first. Not that you can't post them, I just want the blackmail evidence and post them also. Email away

Finally, it will be impossible for me to list everyone who came out without missing someone along the way, so I'm just going to send out one big huge mother fucking thank you to everyone who made the trip to this tiny little corporate town for some ridiculous drunken debauchery. This party wouldn't be nearly as much fun without my friends who went out of the way to drive many hours or battle moronic airport personnel just to hang out at our little party and drink for a couple of good caused.

You, my friends, are what makes the Bash cool. Who knows.... maybe this wasn't actually the last one.

Cheers and I'll be back with more.

Update: Pictures are starting to get posted. So far only a few embarrassing ones of me.

F-Train's pics
Hubukai's pics

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bash at the Boathouse details

7th Annual Bash at the Boathouse
Saturday, September 23rd
Flanigan's Boathouse in Malvern
$10 donation at the door

For the uninitiated...

The Bash started out as our monstrous wedding reception when we didn't want to make those tough decision about who to invite. So we rented out the Boathouse, hired a top band, and partied with 400 of our closest friends. It was so much fun, it became an annual tradition. It also turned into a opportunity to raise a ton of money for some good charities. Throughout the years we've raised large amounts of money for the American Cancer Society, Make a Wish Foundation, and Cystic Fibrosis. Year number 7 will be no different.

The party will start early on Saturday and I won't leave until the last person is gone sometime early Sunday morning. Currently we have 3 bands scheduled to play between 7pm and 2am. Vibe Tribe, Petey and the Bandcampers, and of course, ACHE (the Al Can't Hang Experiment). The Boathouse is providing a great rate on their drinks and if you like beer, check out their beer list. If you need a testimonial to their selection, just ask StB. The friday before the last Bash, he got himself nice and loaded on nothing but beer, and never had the same beer twice.

In the recent years, we began each Saturday afternoon before the Bash with a little poker for the out of towners and bloggers. Last year we had enough people there early to have two full tables. One NLHE and one mix game (if I remember correctly, Joaquin destroyed the mix game with his studly Stud skills). This year we have a little something different going on.

Gavin Smith, the World Poker Tour Player of the Year, a proper drinker, and all around good guy, has generously offered to throw a charity single table tournament at the Boathouse on the afternoon before the Bash. We have several other big name pro's that are going to play, I'm working on a celeb dealer, and it will be run by G-Vegas Tournament Director extraordinare BadBlood. I'm also working on several deals with poker merchandiser for some sweeteners.

I am working on the player-list for the tournament and will be sending out invitations. If you are interested in the specific details of the tournament or in playing, drop me an email here and I will give them out. This is a charity event, so prepare to open the wallets. Wide. But you can also expect some good press to come your way since we'll have at least Dr. Pauly and Spaceman in attendance. Maybe we can talk Pauly into live blogging the tourney for everyone in exchange for a shot bottle of Southern Comfort. If you will not be playing in the tournament, you are encouraged to show up to watch the tourney and partake in some early booze.

The two charities benefitting from our gathering of like-minded invididuals will be ForPeyton and Michael's Miracle.

The general plan for most bloggers who fly/drive in for the event is to make the trip on Friday and leave Sunday. Plan to leave late on Sunday unless you travel well with a hangover. The best airport to fly into will be Philadelphia International. There will be plenty of stuff going on Friday night to keep you entertained. There are also some bloggers making the trip in Thursday morning and spend the day/night in Atlantic City, a short drive down the AC expressway.

On Saturday, we will have a shuttle running between the Boathouse and 3 local hotels. The hotels are listed below and I would suggest starting at the top and moving down based on availability and cost.

Homewood Suites Great Valley
Homestead Studio Suites - Malvern
Extended StayAmerica - Malvern

If you are planning to attend or have any questions at all, feel free to drop me an email at any of my addresses. For those coming, just drop a line with your travel and hotel details. I'll be checking this one often. Also, I've started a new site to track changes and I'll link up the bloggers that I know are coming.

Confirmed to be coming. I know I'm missing a bunch, just drop it in the comments and I'll link you up.

Boy Genius
Dr. Pauly
Gracie and Pablo
CJ aka Luckbox
MeanGene has no choice
Poker Wolf
Pii - Drowned at the River
Carter - Just wouldn't be the Bash without Carter.
Joe Speaker - That's right ladies. Line up neatly starting at the bar
Veneno - Poker Poison
Katitude the Cheek Grabber
F-Train - Attempting to defend his drunken blogger Championship
Auntie Maudie!
Helixx - lives so close that he has no choice.
Brandon Schaefer - mastering the art of drunken poker one shot at a time

Cheers and I hope to see you in September!

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